Bugaloos  • 1970

If You Became a Bugaloo  •  The Sense of Our World  •  For A Friend  •  Believe  •  It's New To You  •  Fly Away With Us  •  Older Woman  •  Just the Memory Stays Around  •  Gna Gna Gna Gna Gna  •  Castles in the Air  •  The Bugaloos

The Electric Company  • 1974

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Electric Company Theme (Short Circus and Friends) •  Jelly Belly (Bill Cosby and Short Circus)  •  Giggles Goggles (Rita Moreno and Judy Graubart)  •  Old Double E (Bill Cosby)  •  An un Song (Skip Hinnant)  •  Easy Reader (Morgan Freeman and Lee Chamberlin)  •  JJ to Brenda to Mark (Morgan Freeman, Jimmy Boyd, Skip Hinnant, Judy Graubart, Rita Moreno, and Lee Chamberlin)  •  Silent E (Tom Leher)  •  A Mysterious Phone Call (Mel Brooks and Skip Hinnant)  •  Be Kind to the Letter S (Morgan Freeman, Jimmy Boyd, Skip Hinnant, Judy Graubart, Rita Moreno, and Lee Chamberlin) •  Hard Hard Hard (Short Circus)  •  Sign Song (The Kids)  •  Love of Chair (Ken Roberts, Skip Hinnant, and Bill Cosby)  •  D (Mel Brooks, Rita Moreno, and Short Circus)  •  Downright Uptight (Bill Cosby and Short Circus)  •  My Street (Jimmy Boyd)  •  Punctuation (Rita Moreno, Lee Chamberlin, Short Circus, and Victor Borge)  •  Jennifer of the Jungle (Judy Graubart, Morgan Freeman, and Skip Hinnant)  •  The Clown Song (Short Circus)  •  The Clam Song (Skip Hinnant)  •  Fight Song (entire cast of Electric Company)  •  My Name is Kathy (Melanie Henderson and Short Circus)  •  Electric Company March  •  Your Rich Uncle Died (entire cast of the Electric Company)

Groovie Goolies  • 1970


Save Your Good Lovin' For Me  •  Bumble Goolie  •  We Go So Good Together  •  Frankie  •  Goolie Get Together  •  First Annual SemiFormal Combination Celebration Meet the Monster Population Party  •  Spend Some Time Together  •  Cling, Clang  •  Goolie Garden  •  One, Two, Three

Hardy Boys - Here Come the Hardys  • 1969

Here Come the Hardys  •  Those Country Girls  •  One Time in a Million  •  That's That  •  (I Want You to) Be My Baby  •  Sink or Swim  •  Namby Pamby  •  My Little Sweet Pea  •  Sha La La  •  Feel So Good  •  Love and Let Love

Hardy Boys - Wheels  • 1969

Wheels  •  Old Man Moses' Front Porch Rhythm Band  •  Carnival Time  •  Good Good Lovin'  •  Let The Sun Shine Down  •  Long Long Way to Nashville  •  Love Train  •  Archie Brown  •  Where Would I Be?  •  I Hear the Grass Singin'  •  Baby, This is the Last Time

Kaptain Kool & The Kongs  • 1978

And I never Dreamed  •  This Time  •  You Put Some Love in My Life  •  When You Feel It  •  True Love Is On It's Way Now  •  The Whole World Will Be Dancing  •  Crazy Girl  •  You Saved Me  •  Melanie  •  Free  •  Sing Me a Song

The Partridge Family Family Album

Brand New Me  •  Point Me in the Direction of Albuquerque  •  Bandala  •  I Really Want to Know You  •  Only a Moment Ago  •  I Can Feel Your Heartbeat  •  Im on the Road  •  To Be Lovers  •  Somebody Wants to Love You  •  I Think I Love You  •  Singing My Song

The Partridge Family Up to Date

Ill Meet You Halfway •  You Are Always on My Mind •  Doesnt Somebody Want to Be Wanted •  Im Here, Youre Here •  Umbrella Man •  Lay It on the Line •  Morning Rider on the Road •  Thatll Be the Day •  Theres No Doubt in My Mind •  Shed Rather Have the Rain •  Ill Leave Myself a Little Time

The Sugar Bears

Happiness Train (Michael McGinnis)  •  All of My Life (Kim Carnes)  •  Right On (Baker Knight)  •  Feather Balloon (Kim Carnes)  •  Kinda Friendly Things (Mike Settle)  •  Love Youve Been A Long Time Coming (Mitch Murray)  •  You Are the One (Baker Knight)  •  The Two Of Us Together (Mike Settle)  •  Its A Good Day (Kim Carnes)  •  Someone Like You (Mike Settle)  •  Anyone But You (Baker Knight)

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