Fangface • 1979


Mirage (or Freak-out in the Funhouse)  •  Ghost of the High Sierras (or the Yammering Yo-Yo of Yosemite)  •  The Stowaway  •  SuperFrog

Amazing Spiderman Volume 2  •  1974

Invasion of The Dragon Men  •  The Return of The Conquistador  •  The Mad Hatter of Manhatten  •  The Abominable Showman  •  The Bells of Doom

Spidey Super Stories (from the Electric Company) • 1974
Narration by Morgan Freeman

The Purple Pirates  •  The Last Laugh  •  Spidey vs Mr. Measles  •  Spiderman is Born  •  The Queen Bee  •  Deadly is The Doctor Called Doom  •  20,000 Feet Underground  •  Spidey And The Sandman

Spiderman Rock: Reflections of a Superhero • 1975
Narration by Stan Lee


Highwire  •  Peter Stays And Spiderman Goes  •  No One's Got a Crush on Peter  •  Square Boy  •  New Point of View  •  Spiderman Becomes Famous  •  Death of Uncle Ben  •  Gwendolyn  •  Count on Me  •  Dr. Octopus  •  Green Goblin  •  A Soldier Starts to Bleed  •  Time Will Show Me The Way

Spiderman: From Beyond the Grave (A Rockomic)

Peter's Nightmare  •  (music) Spiderman Theme  •  Spiderman Remembers  •  (music) Such a Groove to be Free  •  Spiderman's Dilemma  •  (music) Rock of Ages  •  A Strange Ally Part 1  •  (music) Stronger the Man  •  A Strange Ally Part 2  •  (music) Goin' Across Town  •  From Beyond the Grave  •  (music) Closing

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